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In lalu Never had a private hotel open

Date: 2017-04-15

Private hotel is a new type of the value of real estate property form, resort, residential and hotel will function such as trinity, both enjoy high quality hotel services, their identity and status, at the same time set a holiday again, use of high-end hospitality value, time-sharing rental business value and appreciation of the value of the traditional real estate project, belongs to the new type of the value of real estate property form.

In China, private hotel is not popular, many real estate developers doesn't understand the real meaning, not to mention to do fine, do fine, do.Private real connotation should be: hotel property have mature hotel environment, perfect facilities and professional hotel service etc, and bring customers serviced and enjoy.Private hotel is not only a tourist value, but also of the comfortable and sweet feeling of home, and can enjoy the hotel's environment, facilities and service.