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High-end hotel in nanjing also start take-away Twenty dollars have shrimp meat is popular

Date: 2016-07-18

24 yuan a braise in soy sauce big shrimp meal, in addition to meat, there are three dishes, this is a nanjing star hotel offering "five-star bento take-out."Only a month for populist price, listed as sales "hot style".As the Internet room increasingly accepted by the public, nanjing home more high-end hotel, established hotel grovelling, scrambling to join "take-out" camp.

In their view, a similar "star bento" take-away although at present only as a supplement of the business, but from the development direction is the trend of The Times, is very likely to become their catering business is one of the main line.Not a canteen take-outHigh-quality goods package into white-collar favored by lunch"On Monday called pickled fish meal, eat pork chops 1:1.2 on Tuesday, Wednesday, eat a Caesar salad..."Not far from xinjiekou business circle small white work unit, the unit has a dining room, but every day she would rather take-out.Small white, is the reason that the dining room was tired of eating, take-away meals are not much expensive, but it can often change new taste.

Recent hot days, small white they are too lazy to crowded cafeteria, really don't like the idea of "dumplings"."Choosing delivery business, small white believes that "born" is important, "fame bigger restaurant, the food's taste, quality and health conditions are guaranteed."She often call a green willows and colleagues in sour soup fat meal, in addition to fat and rice, with meat platter, tomato soup, fruit, 20 yuan per capita, around 10 yuan more expensive than the dining room, but the taste is very satisfaction."There is a call center hotel and our colleagues lobster dinner, probably 7 sets, about 30 yuan per capita, the delivery department staff should take the initiative to add my WeChat."Small white was accidentally said, that he just ordered a few bento, you become a star hotel on mining potential customers.

Wring a takeawayThe old hotel rushed to 300000 yuan monthly incomeReporter from food take-away website "zero line" learned that, according to their unit price calculation according to the guest, high-end catering businesses are operating in more than 5000, of which, center hotel, green willows in jinling hotel, mustang hotel as a representative of the high-end or old hotel is close to 50.Most of these hotel design of white-collar package passes elaborate design, such as green willows in the highest sales topping package, not only match beef paste, also presented the tomato soup and syrup of plum, at 10 yuan, compared with the corner shop, price advantage is obvious.

Center hotel dishes taste is well-established, since in take-away, their perennial "zero line" hot list.38 yuan a lobster marinated rice recently sold 370, 60 yuan pickled fish, three packages have 50 people to buy.Wild horse hotel opened 28 years, well-known in the pearl river road area, belongs to the typical old hotel.Hotel manager Shang Sheng told reporters, they do takeout since 2014, the beginning can only make 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan per month, since due to hotel attaches great importance to the quality of dishes recognised, plus delivery platform to do promotion, business gradually improve, the best made more than 30, ten thousand yuan a month."

Five-star bento go" populist route have shrimp meat price 20 yuan chong "hot style"Nanjing administration manager in grand hotel Ma Hong told reporters that "the five-star fast food" is their newly build takeout brand, at present only in their own small store sales, not a wide range of promotion, was launched two months at present, one at noon can sell five hundred copies.Although it is a five-star hotel product, but "star bento" prices may not be "on".For example, Nagoya, chicken Fried rice with 12 yuan, fall in love with big meatballs combo 20 yuan...Sales "hot style" is braised big shrimp meal, price of 24 yuan, in addition to a big row, there are many big shrimp, and tomato scrambled eggs, stir-fried cabbage, etc. The side dishes."

Nanjing first machine owned hotel food production line, most of the machine was imported from Japan, wash, cut, fry to packing all the standardization production, and raw materials by an exclusive base for traceability."Ma Hong said, in order to taste, they also require from production and processing to get takeout, full time control within 3 hours.Ma Hong said, the main products is faced with business people and enterprises and institutions and schools."In the future will be gradually introduced according to the requirements of customers' private order, such as the price is a little higher, lunch."