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The regulations on the protection of non-material cultural heritage of nanjing is expected to be released at the end of the year

Date: 2016-10-26

Today (October 26) morning, 2016 famous historical and cultural city of nanjing expo cultural inheritance and innovation, one of the two parallel BBS international BBS held in grand hotel in nanjing.From UNESCO, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, India, China's cultural domain experts and scholars together, with "cultural heritage protection and innovation" as the theme to discuss.The "cultural inheritance and innovation" international BBS will revolve around BBS theme of "cultural heritage protection and innovation" for a keynote speech and interaction.

Attending guests at home and abroad including: UNESCO cultural heritage protection and peace committee chairman, culture and arts at Newcastle university, dean of the school of Peter stone, researcher at the institute of China academy of art music director tian qing, French league foundation in general representative jean luc roddy, China academy of art YuanLi researcher, France, curator of the museum of Oriental art Zhu Xintian ming-xing he, Beijing foreign studies university, a professor at the university of north Carolina Greensboro, museum curator Nancy dole, India international university President avi jet, cultural and natural heritage institute of nanjing university professor He Yunao and embassies and consulates in China on behalf of the 49, such as people from all over the world.

The reporter learns on the BBS, in recent years, nanjing for h and road, Confucius temple separately compiled historical and cultural district and historic areas such as planning, delimit protection boundaries, and announced the list, at the same time focus on the big ruins protection, focus on creating great gratitude temple ruins, ruins of rock, Ming palace ruins park planning and construction.At the same time, nanjing also comprehensively advancing walls and around area protection, renovation and open work.Along the medial wall built 14 km ecological green ring and slow the greenway system, completed the wall 22 km landscape lighting engineering.

It is worth mentioning that the nanjing also legislation to protect intangible cultural heritage.The reporter learns on the BBS, citizen watches the nanjing non-material cultural heritage protection ordinance is currently consideration by the municipal people's is issued at the end of this year.At present, nanjing has 4 human intangible cultural heritage projects, at the national level 7, 64 at the provincial level, has the national provincial and municipal intangible cultural heritage representative inheritance people a total of 222 people, have established a 28 hierarchical key project of national intangible heritage protection base, a folk cultural ecological protection area.

Last day in the BBS, has more than 25 experts and scholars to address and report.Famous scholar and researcher of China art academy, tian qing, keynote speech from the perspective of non-material cultural heritage.In addition to the opening session and a keynote speech, BBS has arranged three theme speech and discussion, respectively is hosted by institute of nanjing university history professor He Yunao morning "show different forms of cultural inheritance and innovation", in the afternoon by nanjing university professor Chen Jing the deputy director of the institute for cultural and natural heritage, of the "cultural inheritance and cultural confidence", "cultural heritage" and other workshops.Cultural and natural heritage institute, nanjing university day everyone would fly song thermal stratification think is the most important value of the cultural heritage of humans to live as a "human beings", "we left the cultural heritage, will become nothing and return to normal state.

Although cultural heritage is the creation of the ancestor, but they are a basis of modern human beings, it together with the natural heritage constitutes a sufficient condition for we continue life. Cultural heritage is a history, but more in the future, it is the innovation resources, is the development foundation."