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Meeting with the ‘Grand Class’ Trainees from the Nanjing City Vocational College Held

Date: 2013-07-12

  In the afternoon of June 28, a meeting was held at the Grand Hotel’s Yuhua Room with the student trainees from the Nanjing City Vocational College, which was attended by HR of the Grand Group, managers from the Grand Hotel and teachers from the College, in addition to the 26 student trainees.

Mr. Guo, Haifeng, general manager of the Nanjing Grand Hotel Management Co. and Ms. Zhang, Min, assistant manager of the Grand Hotel’s HR department enlightened the students with their own work experiences in areas such as career planning, perseverance and success stories.

The students also shared their feelings in the first four months of internship, the initial ignorance and the present independent mastering of various service jobs, especially the ups and downs of their experiences.

The forum was conducted in a very relaxing and touching atmosphere, with hearty smiles now and then. When some students talked about their experiences in conquering hardships and difficulties, many others shared sympathetic feelings and were moved to tears.

Most of the speeches from the students expressed their thanks and acknowledgement both to their work instructors/trainers and to the company as a whole. Some of the students even showed improvement in their attitude toward life in acknowledging the hardship of earning a living, and in acquiring the sense of thrift, etc.. A particular example of this improvement is now that they know the laboriousness of being a service attendant, they know how to not cause additional troubles for their peers when they dine out. Through the four-month work, they have shown a more peaceful state of mind and an enhancement in handling problems in addition to a clearer mastering of job knowledge and skills.

After hearing the students’ talks, Ms. Xu from the college expressed her heart-felt feelings: this has been the most touching gathering for student trainees under her guidance of the many such meetings she attended. She also extended her gratitude to the Grand Group for offering her students one-on-one trainers with rich job knowledge and sound skills.

Finally, executives from both the Group and the Hotel praised these trainees for the active and serious attitude they have shown in their work, and at the same time encouraged all the trainees of the hotel to learn more knowledge, accumulate more experiences, and perfect themselves.