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The Nanjing Grand Hotel awarded ‘Jiangsu Provincial Service Industry Brand-name’

Date: 2013-05-23

Recently, the Nanjing Grand Hotel was given the honorable titles of the ‘Jiangsu Provincial Service Industry Brand-name’ by the Provincial Brand-name Strategy Promotion Commission and the ‘Nanjing Municipal Brand-name Product’ by the Municipal People’s Government. These have been the first ever awards of the kind since the opening of the hotel 20 years ago.

These awards are famous for their strict screening and selecting procedures, as well as their impact. Eligible enterprises have to meet various demanding requirements, such as industry-leading annual revenue and tax, ISO9001 certification, in addition to excellent yield management and effective customer complaint handling mechanism, etc. The Grand Hotel well deserves these titles since it has been sticking to its mission and sustainable development policies, in search of excellence and perfection, and in the mean time has built the famous brand-name from scratches and expanded from a single hotel to a sizable chain.

During its 20 years’ development, the Grand Hotel has been continuously incorporating human-oriented designs, fine management and meticulous services into its day-to-day business operations. It has also been sticking to the service motto of ‘doing things with whole heart and serving with feelings’ as well as the core concept of ‘making the guest satisfied, surprised and moved’. With strict and thorough inspection on every step of the service procedures and a series of effective customer retaining mechanisms, the services offered by the hotel are becoming more and more professionalized, human-oriented and individualized, which have won trust and acclaim both from the customers and quite a number of on-line hotel booking centers. The polls conducted in recently years showed a guest satisfaction rate of over 99.3%, making the hotel fairly reputable among peers.

These awards are a solid recognition of the hotel’s achievements by the government and the various sectors of the society as well as the result ofhotel’s persistent undertaking in brand-name building. The hotel is determined to carry on with its effective service concepts and practices in addition to its advanced corporate culture. It will continue to strengthen brand building in a hope to create a national-level brand-name in the process. By making the ‘Grand’ brand even more renowned, the hotel aims also aims at contributing more to the improvement of quality control and service level of the local hospitality industry.