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The grand group and commercial bank jiangsu branch 2 billion credit

Date: 2012-11-20

On October 10, 2012, the industrial and commercial bank of China co., LTD., jiangsu branch in grand hotel and nanjing grand group signed a strategic cooperation agreement the fact, the industrial and commercial bank of China jiangsu branch will provide the first grand group credit 2 billion yuan, through comprehensive integrated financial services for grand 5-star hotel improve the international influence, business type hotel chain operation across the region, as well as many old lift gear upgrades provide full support.The purpose of the fact also marks the first seek financial industry with nanjing real estate services of the depth of cooperation.

Nanjing real estate services as a leader, nanjing grand group development made remarkable achievements.The first 10 years, grand hotel by the joint venture enterprise transformation to all the domestic enterprise, the second 10 years, by a simple hotel expansion for a business hotel, brand food and beverage, food processing, real estate, trade is given priority to comprehensive enterprise group.Almost include the effort has one hundred old: green willow r, ma xiangxing, yonghe garden, jiangsu restaurant, etc., from the south to the north to inherit the nanjing city landmarks.Cooperate with the lean strength to make in the republic of AGAR AGAR, qinhuai snacks this "one big one small" nanjing card work, jiangsu restaurant was awarded the republic of China cuisine experimental base, yonghe garden is representative of the two umbrellas qinhuai Confucius temple, 165 years of history is ma xiangxing east China top Muslim restaurants, and today's green willow in brand is worth buying, with a flagship store, a east China's largest modern food industrial park, and over sales terminal.

The industrial and commercial bank of China branch in jiangsu province said: the establish close cooperation, seeing the is the grand scale, qualification, good reputation and a series of for the people's livelihood development planning, the bank will provide the first, high quality, and high efficiency of comprehensive financial services, and grand set up overall cooperation relationship.Grand group chairman, President YanDuiZhi said: in the social from all walks of life love, group through the nearly 20 years of efforts, unswerving bigger and stronger nanjing local brand, many for the livelihood of the people project will be the next 10 years the development of group key: such as its was included in the provincial intangible cultural heritage list in the green willow, ma xiangxing, yonghe garden, etc. One hundred years old development today coruscate gives more vigorous vitality, based on a real estate brand is extremely valuable, in the municipal government in the concern and support, the rehabilitation of jiangsu restaurant and take the lead in the republic of the inheritance of AGAR AGAR excavation promotion, marks the nanjing the famous cultural city finally have the clear food definition, be included in the XiaGuanOu government key projects of the bridge hotel renovation project is being underway, will not nanjing north gate chief landmark of the praise, but the green willows of the unprecedented development it is there for all to see, and people's life has more and more close contact.This cooperation will and argues for the smooth realization of the above projects to provide help thrust and acceleration.Party person